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nucedar pvc siding

NuCedar supplied prefinished PVC siding and trim on this home

We are constantly on the lookout for new products that our customers will like. In the past few decades we have been increasingly interested in some of the composite siding and trim options that have come out as long lasting and green alternatives to Cedar shingles and/or wooden siding. Without fail, these products have come up short in appearance, workability, and/or durability.

The central idea is a green product that requires much less maintenance. What we kept finding were products that still required the same annual maintenance, were only partially recyclable, and were manufactured with less than “green” methods. We had about given up on these options with the general market perception being very poor, when we started seeing some of our New England customers installing siding and shingles that were 100% PVC and having good luck. Enter NuCedar.

The PVC is milled just like wood, not poured into a mold or stamped.

The PVC is milled just like wood, not poured into a mold or stamped.

NuCedar uses 100% PVC to manufacture vertical siding, shingles, clapboard siding, moulding, and trim. But instead of extruding or pouring into a mold, NuCedar actually saws and mills the material the same way that wood is milled. This produces a finished appearance that is hard to tell apart from wood. Now add to the equation the fact that NuCedar sells their product prefinished in a wide variety of colors. They use a finishing process that could be compared to automotive finishing, which creates an exterior siding/shingle/etc that does not need refinishing every few years. In fact, they back it up with a 25 year transferable warranty!

rough texture NuCedar shingles

Shingles and siding can be made in smooth and rough sawn textures.

This is going to make any homeowner really happy, especially in those vacation homes that take a beating from the elements and which don’t get lived in year-round. Imagine the value of being able to actually vacation in your home instead of spending that time maintaining the paint job on your siding. Perhaps you rent your home during the summer or winter. Imagine the perceived value to renters when the house looks freshly painted and maintained all the time.

Now let’s look at it from the contractor side of things. Installing NuCedar is pretty straightforward and easy with superior design values that qualify for LEED points. Now consider that you don’t have to coordinate another subcontractor for the painting or staining or build into your project plan the time delay required for the sub to show up and complete the work or set aside time for drying. Suddenly, you are delivering a very high quality product on a tighter delivery timeline that saves your client time and money for decades down the road. When doing work in vacation areas where you have extremely limited windows to build – that is limited by tourist season or bad weather – this makes an enormous difference.

Nucedar vertical siding and shinglesRecently, we were asked to quote the lumber, decking, and trim for an entire house. We received the architect plans and specs and more than half of the encyclopedic sized document was detailing what finishes needed to be applied and what top coats to protect that finish should be applied should the LRV values exceed a certain number. As the builder, can you imagine how easy life would be to use a product that would suit your entire siding and trim package plus had all the finishing work done already before the installation? Imagine not having to coordinate all the sourcing of specific finishing products and the thousands of “what if” situations that will inevitably arise after the siding/decking/flooring/etc is installed.

There is a lot more to talk about regarding NuCedar’s products, and I urge you to check out their website for a good look at the portfolio. It is a big step into a whole new world for this lumber company, and we are really excited to offer this as yet another alternative to our customers. Now we have a composite product that is 100% recyclable, looks identical to wood, and is truly maintenance free. Now we are talking! This is why J Gibson McIlvain finally made the leap and is now carrying NuCedar products. Expect to hear more from us on this product in the coming months and contact us if you have any questions about how this could be used in your next project.

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