Cumaru Decking

Dipteryx odorata

Cumaru finished and unfinished decking

Unfinished and finished Cumaru lumber

Cumaru is a South American wood that has a beautiful yellow-brown color and a fine interlocking grain pattern.

Cumaru lumber is often confused with Teak, and is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak. Cumaru is actually a very different wood and comes from the other side of the world. Cumaru does have much of the same weather resistance that makes Teak famous, and it does have some of Teak’s golden hue. Despite these similarities, however, Cumaru is actually more of an alternative to Ipe or Massaranduba than to Teak, because it is usually used as a decking wood.

Cumaru decking

When finished Cumaru is a beautiful red brown

Cumaru dries evenly and is only slightly prone to checking if dried properly. It is a dense species with an interlocking grain, but it planes and machines quite well. It is a stable species but we have found that it is best to use it in a thicker cut for best results. Therefore, J. Gibson McIlvain only carries 5/4 thickness in our Cumaru decking in both 4 and 6 inch boards.

Cumaru is also an oily wood and often has a waxy texture. This high oil content makes Cumaru very resistant to the elements, and, although the oil can occasionally cause problems with finishing or gluing, an easy pretreatment can strip away this oil and prepare the wood nicely for the finishing and gluing processes.

As a decking wood, Cumaru excels with high hardness, great strength, and reliable stability. Cumaru is not the cheapest decking product, but it is also not the most expensive. As such, it makes a great alternative to Ipe decking, while still pleasing discerning customers who fear confronting the potential stability issues that plague the cheapest of tropical decking options.

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